Warmedge-Abstandhalter (Warme Kante)

Better for the Environment.
Better for Everything.
Stainless Steel Air Spacer from Allmetal, Inc.

While the world has just recently acknowledged the importance of energy conservation, Allmetal has long recognized the vital role of insulated glass in this global challenge. Heating and cooling makes up one of the largest segments of worldwide energy consumption, and as the best insulator on the planet, Stainless Steel Air Spacer represents a crucial component of the global energy solution.

The eco-friendly facts of Stainless Steel Air Spacer:

Significantly better gas retention than competing units
Unmatched longevity and thermal performance
Potential to significantly lower heating & cooling energy consumption

In addition to environmental repercussions, industry awareness of well-build products is at an all-time high for a variety of other reasons, including changes in building codes, prices of alternative materials, and response to severe weather conditions. With worldwide usage at over 150 million meters per year and growing, it's clear that Stainless Steel Air Spacer has met these challenges as well. Advantages include:

Better expansion and contraction
Flexibility in manufacturing
Gas retention and MVT rates
Versatile for corner key and bending applications
As an inorganic separator, SST doesn't react to coatings
Ideal for both residential and commercial applications

Whether you're just looking for a superior product, trying to save money, or trying to save the world, it's clear that Stainless Steel Air Spacer from Allmetal is the answer to your needs.

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